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Burcu Yucesoy


I am a physicist by training, data scientist by necessity and curious by nature.  Right now, my mission is to help companies collect and utilize data in the most efficient way in order to make an impact in today's highly interconnected, constantly changing world.


Success in books: A big data approach to bestsellers

Reading remains the preferred leisure activity for most individuals, continuing to offer a unique path to knowledge and learning. As such, books remain an important cultural product, consumed widely. Yet, while over 3 million books are published each year, very few are read widely and less than 500 make it to the New York Times bestseller lists. And once there, only a handful of authors can command the lists for more than a few weeks. Here we bring a big data approach to book success by investigating the properties and sales trajectories of bestsellers.

Burcu Yucesoy

Untangling performance from success:

This is project about how success is achieved, both from the individual and collective perspective. We examine and quantify the relationship between performance and success by focusing on tennis, an individual sport where the two can be independently measured. 

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